Friday, 2 March 2018

On Poetry 24

January, February, March.

I've had six poems published by Martin at Poetry24. You can read them through the links below. The site publishes work responding to current news events. There's also a section, In Brief, for short, sharp reflections on current news. There are lots of good work  - try them.

Tarmac - on the demonisation (and prosecution) of peaceful protest.

Out of Time… - my valediction to Stephen Hawking.

Cold Fusion - now we have managed to detect signals from the dawn of time.

Ricochet - responding to the Parkland massacre and how we turn boys to men in the USA, and anywhere else.

Skin Trade - after the Oxfam business. Colonialism by another name?

The Word for World - an appreciation of Ursula K Le Guin, whose work I've long admired.

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