Saturday, 30 June 2018

3 More - Poetry24


I had six poems published by Martin at Poetry24 in January, February and March. In April, May and June, I've offered up three more - Windrush,  swim until, and Ultramarine.

The January, February, March poems are linked here.

[The site publishes work responding to current news events. There's also a section, In Brief, for short, sharp reflections on current news. There are lots of good work  - try them.]

Ultramarine - more about plastic pollution, the Anthropocene and the 6th Extinction.

swim until - on the death of Scott Hutchison, 10th May 2018. (Image is the mural, by Michael Corr, completed 21st May in Glasgow.)

Windrush - on the immigrants who came here to help us when we needed them.

Future Revised

in infinite time
ending and beginning
define possibility

choose between
one way and another
go on go right go left

Future Imperfect

we will be loved…
we may be loved…

we will…
in the catatonia to come, be unresolved, sleeping in strange narcosis
those of us still barely alive those of us not swallowed by a sun engorged
now redder than the shame of heaven our inglorious travelling at an end
our ignominious selves having arrived precisely nowhere

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Future Perfect

if complete
if approaching perfection
I in the green fields of later
will lie down to let robots
feed me with gentle

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Summer came in
From the islands.

After rain or storm
A cold wind blew
From the south.