Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas Day dawned mild and clear
And I though about the wind still blowing.

The trees on Christmas Day shook
Their empty heads, no more leaves to fall,
And clouds rushed across the blue
Impatient shreds of nothing,
Orange against the sky.


Lies are told,
With grains of truth.

We agree. We disagree.
No-one cares;
Nothing matters,
Fact or fiction.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Colours of Today

The colour of today is angry:
Flecked with spit and foam
And spit again.

The rising sun reflects fire
Beyond the line of sight: hidden,
Sour, like acid in the belly plates,
Boiling till it belches useless bile.

Menu Ad Astra

Eric IdleProfessor Brian Cox and Noel Fielding are explaining the universe in a forthcoming BBC musical - The Entire Universe - showing over Christmas, on Boxing Day, I believe. I thought it relevant to resurrect this piece. 

To start:

Hydrogen bombes,
     Delicate, nascent cosmic embryos
     Of pure fusion universes,
     Less than a nanosecond old,
     As big as grapefruit and as dense
     As all there is.