Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ten-ten oh-two

On a day like today
When a velvet sky rains grey
A planet might stop its spin
To touch a moment and pause.

But our world turns
On dimes and dollars,
On the spendthrift blood of nations.
Our lives are built of currency
And the ignorance it brings.
© BH, 2002

A fragment I had to backtrack through old files to verify. But, indeed, it was in a Word file, created and saved on 10th October 2002. Hence the title.

After nearly fourteen years, it seems disrespectful to change it. More to the point, the world as it is remains unchanged. Behind our huge Mekon-like domes, swollen only by our arrogance, we appear to believe the world is worse than ever. And we believe the wrongness there is not our fault. It bloody is!

Nature on a good day would sit back, breathe itself in and exhale again. Humanity, on the other hand, is too busy. Too busy profiting from its own misery; too busy making more misery from which such profit flows.

Never underestimate the speed of the buck. It makes the world go round. Our feet on the treadmill and we never knew. Someone, break out the Moet!

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